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Zumosun Innovation is a  future oriented platform and bring your concepts to life with innovations built to provide hyper-personalised experiences, are aligned with your business needs, demand and deliver outcomes that can scale across your organisation. We provide the complete solution of your business from idea to product and services development to sell.

Our verstile professionals support to develop your business innovative

  • Innovation is more than just coming up with ideas for new products. We help companies apply the creativity process to improve their marketing, including:

  • New service concepts

  • New branding strategies
  • New customer experiences
  • New brand names
  • New positioning concepts
  • New promotion ideas
  • New packaging ideas
  • New display and point-of-sale ideas
  • Consumer-Led Innovation
    The process begins with involving people with specialized skills. The Imaginators ® online consumer innovation panel, has daily people tested by high levels of "innovative-centric innovation" to be able to generate a large number of original ideas for new products and services. To date, more than 250,000 people have been tested using our testing program Each panist organizes up to 4% of the total population according to centric creative skills.As a result, Imaginators' ideas are truly different and always evolved from nature.

    Idea-centric intelligence can be identified among non-subgroups. To date, nearly 75,000 business and business professionals have analyzed the art of solidarity over the years.

    Application Times
    Focused group planning - ten chairs set up for a long table - is great for collecting feedback and feedback from responders, but it is not the right place for designing things. Innovation thrives in an area that stimulates the side of the brain.

    That is why our observations include art exercises, games, organizations, informal venues (no tables or chairs), spider maps, targeted visuals, and various related strategies developed by the Analyt's Decision, including "Zoom Out" and "A Image Is". Worth ... Lots. "

  • The invention of things is not quick
    Often many creative ideas take a while to express, or develop because of the small ideas that come together. The more time participants have to think about the problem and build on the ideas presented by others, the more likely the results will eventually be unique and new. Intelligent sessions are conducted over an extended period of time. Personal sessions last six to eight hours, while online time can be extended beyond ten business days.

    Idea Generation Structure
    The method of decision-maker in new constructions is slightly different; we use a systematic, strategic problem-solving model based on the Democratic query. Our sessions follow a practical- and practical-based portfolio strategy rather than focusing on negotiations. This guide provides a subtle framework for developing complex ideas and suggestions.

    Next, the Zumosun Analyst cuts across, integrates, and builds on the raw ideas generated in the principles, and develops a set of first-line concepts — working words, written descriptions of features and benefits, and supporting illustrations (as needed). We then hold a first-class conceptual review meeting with our client and jointly identify which concepts ensures further development. Selected ideas are reviewed with a small sample from Disstor Analyster buyers to see how each can be improved. After that each concept is passed on and respected until a true and accurate interpretation of the product concept.

    Staff Recruitment
    Decision Analysis uses its Applied Creativity Process® to help companies use the skills and expertise of their employees to generate new ideas and solutions. This process:

  • It helps participants to clearly articulate objectives and objectives.
  • It creates a huge number of possibilities, ideas, or possible solutions (many ideas are more than traditional arts techniques).
  • Generate as many practical and possible solutions as possible.
  • It provides a sound and logical foundation when presenting solutions to key stakeholders.
  • It promotes implementation and promotes the adoption of key solutions in the organization.


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