Best oxygen plant installation company in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

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Best oxygen plant installation company in Rajasthan

The Zumosun Medical Oxygen Oxygen Plant allows users to produce their own oxygen for their medical needs such as EMS (Emergency Medical Services), Ambulance, Fire Departments, Small Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Veterinary and Animal Hospitals, Dental Labs, and applications of SCUBA. This plant has a built-in oxygen cylinder filling plant that uses Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

This plant is placed on a platform and gets a little space, only a simple installation of the plant, and then putting it in regular electricity, you can produce your own oxygen to fill your cylinders on site. Within minutes, you can receive emergency oxygen for any unexpected increase in demand. Never run out of oxygen again!

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Quality and safety designed

Plants can be small, but don't let the small size fool you! Plants contain a rich history of using the highest level of engineering technology in their construction. Plants contain them and work very peacefully. These quality components all work together to control the flow of oxygen cleanly and safely throughout the work. Plants are designed to work automatically and require little or no care once they have started working. With a digital color screen display, the unit displays all the information needed to monitor the oxygen production process. The system performs a continuous series of self-assessment tests as it progresses. In the event of a problem such as oxygen purity; the plant will automatically turn off and display a visual alarm on the screen. There is also an audible alarm available.


USP Requirements- ‘Oxygen 93 Percent’ contains not less than 90% or not more than 96% by volume, Oxygen, the remainder consisting mainly of argon and nitrogen. It meets the diagnostic requirements, Odor, CO2 no more than 0.03%, and CO no more than 0.001% with gas.

Zumosun and its alliance company Oxygen Generator System is built in compliance with all relevant codes such as ASME, ANSI, NEMA, CE Standards, Medical Oxygen Generators designed to ensure United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Oxygen 98% Monograph and also certifies ISO-10083.

Fast Payment and ROI

This is the only purchase you make that can truly pay off! Plants are economically priced so you can see a quick recovery within a year or two. You can fill the H-cylinder (6M3 size) at a cost of 6 KWH.

These plants are designed to be shipped in 20 or 40 standard maritime vessels worldwide. Referrals and on-site training are available from our Specialist. Electric power and plant fences are all that is needed on a customer site to get started.

Easy to use and easily maintained

Zumosun  Oxygen Generators Can Be Used and Stored without extensive technical knowledge or training. Our easy-to-follow manual, videos, and training available will enable your employees to accurately measure and maintain the entire system. Regular maintenance is limited to standard air compressor maintenance and periodic cleaning and replacement of filter material only.

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