10 Golden rules to find out or start the job in Covid-19

10 Golden rules to find out or start the job in Covid-19

Job is the first requirement for life to live.We all know very well that a job provides the security of life to live without any tension, stress, strain , depression with full dignity in the universe.Without job no one is able to survive in this universe. We are here to illustrate how to get a job without any dependancy.

 Golden rules of self-job creation are following:-

  1. Approach to give:- If you want success and life time values in your job path, you should have values to give first and take second. Anytype of job from any industry everyone wants a train and target oriented employee or candidate in their company or firm or any entity. So you should have a plan to at least learn for the first 6 month to 12  month as a probation trainee in any field and then honestly analyze your information, skill , knowledge and intelligence.If you are not capable to audit and analyze your above parameter, then take you should take help from professional auditors and according them you will decide your remuneration. My personal advice is don't demand too much high or too low salary, you should demand according to your standard and situations.I believe, you should justify your salary in front of the employer.If you follow this golden rule you always have a job in your hand in any conditions.


  1. Be honest and trustable:- You should develop the self independ values including honesty and trust in your work and consistently. I assure you , you will always be the sun and moon of every person , organisation.


  1. Be patient and consistent:- You should have a patient and consistency to achieve a well planned desire, objects and goals.Every people want their job from at least 5 digit salary, but i believe it is not necessary for everyone.You should audit yourself and demand according them and yes prove that demand with actual ground.

  2. Audit yourself:- First you should audit yourself, which quality do you have as an employee or employer. Don’t follow people without your intuition power and desire.If you strongly believe you have the guts and ability to become an employer then you should start your business, else you should remain in your job and update and reskill your skills to grow your career.

  3. Self investment:- If you are not a highly educated then you should initially invest your time, money, energy to learn some commercial skills according to your capacity and ability like, sales , marketing, logistics skills etc.These sector are open for every person, according to their degree of communication, trust, and capacity

  4. Invest in education:- Age does not matter in learning something to enhance your quality of life. We should learn every day at least 2 hours of commercial skills and information  anyhow, if we need a good quality of life.

  5. Break down the old rule of society:- Don’t think about reputation in society to start a job or career.We all know almost every billionaire and millionaire start their job from zero, like newspaper sales, as a sales person or as operator etc. So break down the hypothetical reputation and start your career from zero.

  6. Determent about commitment:- You must follow your commitment in any situation and any condition without any issues. “Winners never make issues”.

  7. Need to start:- To achieve something natural law says ,” You should initialise or start '''.Don't sit in waiting just for excellence, because excellence comes from practice , no one is excellent from starting.

  8. Fire the fear:- To follow these golden rules in life , we should learn to fire the fear and take calculated degrees of  risk according to goals.Don't sit free, Don’t believe in free. We should believe in our work, energy and commitment.

Bottom Line

This article is specially written for those people who are just waiting for an excellent government job or private job. If we follow these ten golden rules of job requirement, Then if you are jobless and you have these ten golden rules in your values and ethics. Then I can support you to develop your sales and marketing skills to give a job in my organisation, Zumosun soft Invention Pvt. Ltd. Visit us on www.zumosun.com  or contact on 9116098980