what is 3D printing and its applications in industries?

what is 3D printing and its applications in  industries?

What is 3D printing and its applications in industries?

In today ’ s era there are lots of technologies by which industries manufacture a product or a 3D model . Moulding process is widely used in manufacturing industries . there are lots of machines like lathe , shaper , drill by which manufacturing process takes place . In this article we will see another method of manufacturing which is known as additive manufacturing or 3D printing .

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3D printing technologies


How long does its take ?


What is STL file?


3D modelling softwares


Advantages and disadvantages


3D printing Industries 


Some top 3D printing companies.


In 1981 the Japanese scientist Hideo Kodama was the first person who  invented the 3D printing technology. He made a 3D product using ultra violet lights to harden and create a solid object .  After three years of this technology  the American inventor Chuck Hull introduced  first ever 3D printer in 1984. This printer was based on the principle of Stereolithography . 3D printer for  industrial use were made In 1990s-2000s.

Introduction :-

3D printing is a process in which a 3D object or model made layer by layer using  3D printer. Additive manufacturing process is the other name of this technology . 3D printing technology uses computer aided design software by which manufacturer makes a desired 3D model with desire dimensions . 3D printing technology does not waste material compare to other manufacturing processes.

  1. 3D printing technologies:-

There are 3 broad types of 3D printing technology :-

Sintering ,melting, stereolithography.

  • Sintering

In sintering technology the material is heated and the temperature is not more than the melting point of that material , to create high resolution object .For direct metal laser sintering we use metal powder and for selective laser sintering thermoplastic powder is used.

  • melting

We all are aware about melting process . 3D printing technology in melting method uses powder bed fusion , direct energy deposition and powder bed fusion . these use lasers ,electric arcs or electron beams to print objects by melting the material together.

  • Stereolithography 

This process utilises photopolymerization to create parts . this technology uses the correct light source to interact with the material in a selective manner to cure and solidify a cross section of the object in thin layers.

4.How much time does it takes :-

Time taken by 3D printing is depends on size of the part and 3D it takes more  time to maintain the quality of 3D model. It can take several hours or days. the industrial 3D printer takes more time because the quality of product  is important in industry for manufacturing . volume is also a factor here . overall the time factor only depends upon the size , volume , of the 3D object .

5.What is STL file :-

An STL file is very important for 3D printing . 3D printer takes the input only STL file . there are many CAD software by which we can make a 3D model and save its STL file format. STL file format defines the solid geometry of a 3D object . 3D printed parts are  depends on the resolution of  STL file .

  1. 3D modelling software :-

There are lots of stl file  is available on internet by we can make  a make a 3D object or model but to make a desired 3D model and  to achieve desired dimension of our model we have to draw the object in  computer by the help of any CAD 3D software .

List of 3D CAD softwares :-


Name of software 


AutoCAD 3D


Fusion 360 



Solid works

Onshape 3D



To make a STL file for 3D printer choose any of the 3D software and draw a design or a 3D object using this software after that save and export your completed model to your computer choose a slicer program then open and slice your STL file into a G code file.

What is slicer :-

This software also known as slicing software this software provides specific instructions from the 3D object or model for the 3D printer we input STL file in this software and software provides printer commands in g code file .in simple words we can say that this software tells printer how to make a model by layer by layer.slicer software automatically convert solid volumes to hollow ones.

Advantages and disadvantages:-

The advantages of 3d printing includes:-

  • Complex design :- 3D printing technology allows for the creation of complex geometry part . there are  no extra cost on adding extra part.3D printing is relatively cheaper then other production methods  in some instances.
  • Easy to startup :- in other manufacturing process we require a mould of our 3D model but this technology requires no mould or any other sample model .material used is directly depend on the cost of part.
  • Customisable :- this process is fully customisable because this process uses 3D software to make 3d  model in which we can change its dimension again and again .it does not impact on the manufacturing cost .
  • Creation of parts with specific properties:- In 3D printing technology we can make model or parts from specially tailored materials with desired properties other than plastics and metals parts can be created with higher specific desired properties for specific applications.
  • Fast and quick:- this technology used in small batches and in house production its means that we can create our model faster than other 3D manufacturing technique .

The disadvantages of 3D printing includes:-

  • Lower strength than other manufacturing process :- parts created by 3D printing are more brittle than those created by traditional manufacturing techniques . this is because the parts created are created layer by layer ,which reduces the strength.
  • Limitations in accuracy :- the accuracy of final product depends on the printer some desktop printers have lower tolerance than other printers so the final product may be different from the design. The model created by this technology may not always be exact.
  • Increase cost at high volume :- production of model with large  are more expensive in 3D printing  . 3D printing is less cost effective than CNC machining.

3D printing industries:-

3D printing is the versatile method of manufacturing the object or product so it has applications in following industries:-


Due to ability to draw the geometrically complex part ,such as blisks 3D printing is used across the aerospace industry .3D printing is the technology which allows for an item to be created as one whole component instead of building a part from several components.it reduces time and material wastage.aerospace application include the creation of casting for complex gear cases and covers ,fuel tanks, transmission housing etc.


Automotive industry uses this technology because it allows for rapid prototyping of new parts for test . 3D printing allows auto makers  to  make  manufacture sample objects and tools at low cost . this will save them from a future loss during investing in high cost tooling .


Because of Versatility of 3D printing  it is well suited for robotic industries . robotics  engineer uses this to make   end use parts to ensure the tools can move faster and carry heavier items . cost robotics  company design and fabricate light and complex parts at a low cost.

Education purpose 

Educational institutes are teaching 3d printing to make sure they stay on the cutting edge of the new technology for research purpose . institutes want that the student of his college aware with this advanced manufacturing technology . It will help them for their career in 3D printing.

3D printing companies in jaipur :-


              Company  name 

Company link 


VMK Digital --CAD/CAM/3D Printing services



CaddMAN 3D labs 



Techsmart 3D



Lata shri 3D creations 



CARBON 3D printing 


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