Research, Development & Growth (RD & G) Organisation

Research, Development & Growth (RD & G) Organisation

What is Research, Development & Growth (RD & G) Organisation?

Research, Development & Growth (RD & G) Organisation is a superhyper work multispecialist organization to find the problem statement and build & develop a solution to contribute value for growth and success for every home, person, and business. Zumosun Group Growthfoz is the best example for the Research, Development, and  Growth (RD & G) Organisation to manage and organize the world's work, business, and talent. This group works as Work Engine, Work University, Business University, Work Wisdom, Organisation of Wisdom, Organization of World Wide Web Work/Wisdom (W4), etc.

How do work Research, Development & Growth (RD & G) Organisation? 

Connect, Do, and Share everything with the World. Get and find any answer & solution. Grow GDP, Business, Earning, Learning, Skills, Knowledge, Wisdom, etc. We work to increase the SSV (Safety, Security & Voice), PDT (Production, Distribution, and Trade), and RPT ( Reform, Perform & Transform) for everyone in the world family. We provide solutions like networking, creating, searching, sharing, doing, bidding, incorporating, organizing, managing, earning, banking, building, making, developing, powering, booking, selling, buying, shopping, and purchasing Innovation, Economy & GDP Ecosystems to fulfill everyone's needs & requirements on one platform. Our services are R&D, automation, accounting, registration, certification, compliances, printing, design, taxation, legal, auditing,  engineering Suite, science Suite, Technology Suite, hospital, health, manufacturing, infrastructure, marketing, finance, HR, insurance, e-commerce, import- exports and more work at one platform.


 Prakash Chand Sharma

Founder:- Zumosun Group