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Best Fire fighting system & fire fighting equipment  installation company in Jaipur

We are one of the trusted organisations engaged in rendering designing, commissioning, installation and testing services for Fire fighting Equipment in Jaipur. Our clients can avail from us Water Spray Systems, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors, Hose Boxes & Reels and Fire Hydrant Systems. We also offer Hydro Testing of Fire Extinguishers, Refilling of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Safety Extinguishers, Fire Hydrants, Safety Audit Service.

We are one of the most prominent fire fighting players in the Jaipur market. And our reputation is aptly based on the quality of the fire fighting services in jaipur  we offer. All our services are rendered by vocationally trained professionals who are especially trained in their respective sphere of activity. The professionals take special measures to ensure safety of the materials, proper execution of the services and convenience of the customers.


We have invested a lot of effort in using the latest technology to create fire fighting products in jaipur that enhance the safety of people. From simple fire extinguishers to tools that are extremely effective in controlling the hazard of fire, we offer a series of options that you can choose from. Our customers are spread across several parts of the country and across a diverse domain of industries. Maintaining a consistency in the services as well as deliverables, we have successfully expanded our range of products to increase the ability of the people to control the mishaps occurring due to the fire.

In terms of equipment, our experts have developed some of the best tools that are in accordance to the quality standards. Depending on the type of premise, the amount of risk involved and several other factors, you can comfortably choose the range of tools that go well with the requirements of your premises. Our range of advanced fire fighting equipment plays a pivotal role in increasing the safety of commercial as well as residential premises all over the country. You can also ask for our auditing services where we examine the existing infrastructure and accordingly give our recommendations for the type of fire fighting equipment that is best suited to serve the purpose.

Our extensive bouquet of services is in accordance to the ever evolving needs of the industry. In fact, we never hesitate to walk the extra mile when it comes to implementing quality standards to ensure that the safety measures are completely taken care of.

Here is a brief preview of the fire fighting tools in Jaipur that we offer:


One of the most commonly used tools in case of a fire in commercial as well as residential premises, the fire extinguisher uses a chemical composition that creates a layer over the fire and prevents it from getting oxygen. As a result of the lack of oxygen, the fire gradually dies down. You can choose from the different capacities of fire extinguishers available on our portal.


Ideally used in commercial premises like hotels, hospitals, etc. these fire sprinklers come with a sensor that is able to detect even the slightest of smoke resulting from fumes. This in turn generates an automatic response, shuts the electrical power supply and sprinkles water all over the area. At Company name, we believe that the fire sprinklers in Jaipur may not be useful in case of a full-fledged fire but it surely helps in controlling the spread.


Our fire alarms are designed to detect the slightest signs of fire and notify the user before it escalates to the level of a problem. You can always couple this fire alarm with a water sprinkler or other system that is automatically activated once the alarm notifies the members of the premise. This alarm can be used in commercial as well as residential premises.


We use advanced technology to create superior quality fire fighting gear using which you can comfortably navigate through the high temperature flames without damaging your body. Such firefighting gear is generally used in commercial premises and is known to be extremely helpful in case of emergencies.


Another product designed exclusively for professional fire fighting agencies, our hoses and nozzles are made from superior quality material and undergo a lot of tests prior to being approved for professional usage. Also, each of our products comes with a detailed instruction manual so that you know how to operate every item.


Our expert team also provides an annual maintenance contract wherein we do a proper audit of the fire fighting equipment that you are using to test its effectiveness in case of an emergency scenario. We will also give recommendations for tools that need to be changed or replaced in order to enhance the fire safety of your premises.

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