Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler System

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Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler System in Jaipur & Rajasthan

We offer a range of FIRE HYDRANT SYSTEM with all required accessories. Some of the feature of this systems are as follows -


The Hydrant System comprises AC motor driven pump sets with all required accessories including valves, instrumentation and controls etc.  Complete in all respects. An automatic hydrant system is furnished covering the areas completely independent.

  • Pipe work from  the fire water pump set.
  • The hydrant pipe work is remaining pressurized through the proposed jockey pump taking  care of any leakages in the system pipe lines, valves and fittings.

Fire Sprinkler System

Sprinkler is a thermo-sensitive quartzoid liquid glass bulb burst actuated type and standard products from an established firm of repute and standing and approved by an appropriate authority for fire fighting duty.   It should be imported only.

All sprinklers are brass castings polished / chrome OR white (polyester) unless stated otherwise and rated for 12.0 KG/CM2 WG and factory tested for 34.0 KG/CM2.  Sprinklers are pendant OR side wall type as specified and shown on drawings.  All sprinklers shall be provided with an adjustable OR Rosettes escutcheons finished same as the sprinkler head.

Temp. classification of sprinklers in each space shall be as shown on the drawings.  Sprinklers shall be selected for the coverage shown on the drawings and ordinarily be 15 MM.  Wherever the specified sprinkler is not adequate.  The tenderer may offer appropriate size required.  Tenderers are free to suggest alternatively other suitable sprinklers with its justification.

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  • Fire Pump Systems
  • Fire Trailor System
  • Fire Accessories
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