Indian Institute of Economics-IIEc, Jaipur

About- IIEc- Jaipur

Indian Institute of Economy- (IIEc) Jaipur is a deemed commercial research , invention and innovation Science Engine for government, industry, business and academia commercial integration.

This Institute is the soul of a nation to promote the nation's GDP. We believe IIEc to contribute in Indian GDP to achieve the first rank  among the world  GDP in between 2020-2050

This believe and achievement is purely for the excellence of the universe and world people rather than power center of the world

From its inception & incorporation, IIEc Jaipur has benefited from its united talent, which is one of the most industry and academia -intensive science engines in the country. The overall external works, services, goods and R&D orientation of the institute has been considerably promoted by this situation. The institute is facilitating several advanced work & services in every industry and sector through excellent platforms, professionals, and R&D services including sophisticated problems solutions of the nation's, businesses, industries , academia and government to build the excellent economy of the nation.

Consultancy, services and Contract for Any Work

Anybody from Industry, businesses, government, academia, and anyone can contact the Institute to solve almost any type of problem or meet any type of need in almost any division of commerce, law, medical , engineering, technology, and science. The institute through its professional, consultant, auditors, researchers, scientist or technical staff can handle such requests from any industry; such requests will come under the term consultancy in its broadest sense. As an illustration, a list of some of the types of consultancy services that IIEc Jaipur offers is given below:

  1. Business consultancy & advisory
  2. Business incorporations
  3. Business License
  4. Business Compliances management
  5. IPR Management
  6. Legal Management
  7. Court Counselors
  8. Financial Management
  9. Insurance Management
  10. Engineering Suite including ( Architect, Design, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil etc.)
  11. IT Management ( Website, Software, App , Digital Marketing)
  12.  Technology Management ( Cutting Edge Technologies)
  13. Scientific Management ( For All Industries)
  14.  Research Management
  15. Innovation Management
  16. Invention Management
  17.  Medical Management 
  18. Startups Management
  19. MSME Management
  20. Import/Export Management
  21. Infrastructure Management
  22.  Industry Management
  23. International Economy Management
  24. International Business Management
  25. Think Tank and Analytical Management
  • Analytical studies
  • Calibration
  • Cause-and -remedy studies
  • Simulation/ modeling/ optimization
  • Design of systems/components/processes
  • Development of industrial products/systems
  • Development of systems software/application software for offline/online applications.
  • Development of laboratories
  • Development of Industries
  • Human Resource development programmes
  • Recruitment/entrance examinations
  • Testing of industrial products/samples
  • Validation of designs/drawings
  • Retainership of faculty in advisory capacity over specified periods

Industry Partnership Scheme

IIEc Jaipur is now looking beyond traditional services & goods, and work metrics of talent, intelligence, wisdom in commercial services & goods and work in the nation. Institute promotes all the startups, MSME , Vendors and businesses for quality, standards, professionalism in their products and services in the global markets. The IIEc highly concentrates on the international publications, patents and funding and is engaged in promoting research that makes a difference. To achieve this, the institute recognizes the need to enhance engagements with industries and public sector organizations and to develop sustainable long-term interactions with industry. Join us as a partner for sustainable GDP Growth.

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