Liquid Oxygen Plant Installation Company in Jaipur, Rajasthan

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Liquid Oxygen Plant Installation Company in Jaipur, Rajasthan

We are an esteemed and well established company in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the engineering sector and are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of high quality and fully automatic liquid oxygen plants that work in compliance with the standards. Our company manufactures the systems in small, medium and large capacities. We provide liquid oxygen plants that come up in different capacities ranging from 50 m³/hr (70 liter/hour) to 500 m3/hr (700 liters/hour). And the purity of our machines is upto 99.7% oxygen and 99.99% nitrogen.

We offer a liquid oxygen producing plant which is compact in size and ready to install, and thus can be commissioned and installed easily. The hard efforts of our engineers bring out fully automatic and high end devices. Since skid mounted technology is very useful, we incorporated the technology to make our machines work as per the machines of international standard. They are widely applicable in a number of industries for instance water process, ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metal refinery, coal mines and pharmacy, our outputs can be availed at industry leading prices.

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Salient features of Liquid Oxygen Plant include:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Long life span
  • Sturdy and compact design
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to install and run

With this experience, we have updated our products as well as services. The high end products have helped us get awarded with numerous certifications, including ISO. The liquid oxygen plants are not only safe and easy to run, but are also economical to run. Our products are recognized for being highly reliable, effective and efficient. In order to satisfy the requirements of our customers, our research and development department analyzes the market and upgrades our range accordingly.

How do our liquid oxygen plants perform? :

The five basic methods of generating oxygen and nitrogen include compression, purification, cooling, separation and cylinder filling.


It is the very first method, where atmospheric air is sucked and thereafter compressed. We use advanced and air cooled air compressors for the process. The compressors have advanced suction filters attached to suck the air and leave behind the impurities mixed with the air.


Even after using high quality air compressors supported by advanced suction filters, there are a few impurities such as carbon dioxide, dusts, etc. which get inside with the air. Such impurities are alleviated in this second stage by using process skid.


The process of cooling is carried out by an expansion engine. The purified air must be cooled down to -165 to -170 degree centigrade in order to make the air liquid. Reason being; liquid air gets separated easily. For the purpose, we have advanced expenders.

Air separation: 

Once the air becomes liquid, the air separation units separate the air into oxygen and nitrogen. We use stainless steel units as they do not react with oxygen and thus guarantee pure outputs.

Cylinder filling: 

It is the last step, where we have liquid oxygen pumps to fill in cylinders at the required pressure. With liquid oxygen pumps, there is no gas loss while cylinders are being filled in.




BDM L-50

55 Liters / hr

1.5 Tons per day


BDM L-80

90 Liters / hr

2.5 Tons per day


BDM L-100

100 Liters / hr

3 Tons per day


BDM L-150

180 Liters / hr

5 Tons per day


BDM L-200

215 Liters / hr

6 Tons per day


BDM L-250

290 Liters / hr

8 Tons per day


BDM L-300

360 Liters / hr

10 Tons per day


BDM L-400

425 Liters / hr

12 Tons per day


BDM L-500

540 Liters / hr

15 Tons per day



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