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Local Business Listing Service


The quality and consistency of local business data have a direct impact on the ranking of local search engines, resulting in web traffic. Given the importance of this fundamental piece of the marketing puzzle for local research, it is important to ensure that your lists are discoverable, complete, and accurate on the most important platforms.


The main components of local listing


Whenever you create a structured local business listing, on Google, Facebook, or elsewhere, you have to fill out some specific  fields like:


  • Company name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Site URL

  • categories

  • The description

  • personal message

  • Social profiles

  • images

  • Additional supports

  • Alternative phone numbers

  • Fax number

  • certifications

  • Worn brands

  • Accepted payment methods


Why choose Zumosun


We are a professional digital marketing company and we provide the best Local Business Listing Service. Zumosun offers integrated marketing solutions for small and large businesses. Among its services, the company offers online business lists. Contact us at 9116098980 or send us an email at zumosunsof@gmail.com.

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