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Multi State Cooperative Society Registration in Jaipur


Multi-State Cooperative Society has been defined under section 3(p) of MSCS Act 2002. It says that “multi-State co-operative society” means a society registered or deemed to be registered under this Act and includes a national co-operative society and a Federal co-operative.” The Act provides for the formation of both the types of cooperative societies viz primary (with both individual and institutional members) and Federal Cooperatives (with only institutional membership). The main objectives of the society are to work in the interest and welfare of its members in more than one state. It is not necessary that a society should have branches in more than one state, it may have branches limited to one state and it shall not cease to be a multi-state co-operative society, so long as it serves the interest of members in more than one state.



Features of a Cooperative Society


  • As it is a voluntary association, the membership is also voluntary. A person is free to join a cooperative society, and can also leave anytime as per his desire. Irrespective of their religion, gender & caste, membership is open to all.
  • It is compulsory for the Multi State Co-Operative Society to get registration. The Multi State Co-Operative Society is a separate legal identity to the society.
  • It does not get affected by the entry or exit of its members.
  • There is limited liability of the members of Multi State Co-Operative Society. Liability is limited to the extent of the amount contributed by the members as capital.
  • An elected managing committee has the power to take decisions. Members have the right to vote, by which they elect the members who will constitute the managing committee.
  • The cooperative society works on the principle of mutual help & welfare. Hence, the principal of service dominates it’s working. If any surplus is generated, it is distributed amongst the members as a dividend in conformity with the bye-laws of the society.


Documents Required

The documents required from the founde members fo are:


  1. Pan Card/Aadhar card/Voter Id- Mandatory
  2. Voter ID/Passport / License
  3. Two passport photo
  4. Email, Mobile No, Profession , Qualification and Duration of stay at present address
  5. A certificate from the bank stating credit balance there in favour of the proposed multi-state co-operative society.
  6. No objection Certificate from the Registrar of Cooperative Societies of the States/U.T. where the area of operation of the society is proposed to be confined.
  7. A certificate to the effect that the credentials of the Chief Promoter/Promoters have been verified by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies of the state where the head office is proposed to be located.
Note:- Min 50 Member from two different state

Documents required of the proposed registered address are as follows:

  1. Electricity bill/Other Utility Bill of the proposed registered address
  2. NOC or rent agreement from the owner of the premises
  3. Affidavait by President
  4. Note:- All document must be scan from scanner with good quality



Multi State Co-Operative Society registration process can be completed in around 50-60 working days after all document received completely from customer side; as follows:-


  1. Preparation of documents – 4 days
  2. BRN Generation – 3 day
  3. Name Approval Search – 2 days
  4. Filing of form – 2 days
  5. Approval from ministry – 30-40 days




The procedure for registration of Multi-State Cooperative Society has been prescribed in the MSCS Act 2002. Section 5 of the Act lays down that No multi-State co-operative society shall be registered under this Act unless its main objects are to serve the interests of members in more than one state and its bye-laws provide for the social and economic betterment of its members through self-help and mutual aid in accordance with the co-operative principles. Section 6 of MSCS Act 2002 provides for application of registration which shall be made to the Central Registrar in such form and with such particulars as may be prescribed. The application shall be signed:

  • Step 1 

    In the case of a multi-State co-operative society of which all the members are individuals, by at least fifty persons from each of the state concerned;

  • Step 2

    In the case of a multi-State co-operative society of which the members are co-operative societies, by duly authorized representatives on behalf of at least five such societies as are not registered in the same state.

  • Step 3

    In the case of a multi-State co-operative society of which another multi-State co-operative society and other co-operative societies are members, by duly authorized representatives of each of such societies: Provided that not less than two of the co-operative societies referred to in this clause, shall be such as are not registered in the same state;

  • Step 4

    In the case of a multi-State co-operative society of which the members are co-operative societies or multi-State co-operative societies and individuals, by at least, fifty persons, being individuals, from each of the two states or more; and one co-operative society each from two states or more or one multi-State co-operative society.


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