Business Analytics Job Descriptions

1. Research on the company vision and mission and plan according to company strategies for generate business from freelance platform, social media platform, professional networks, government network.

2. Understanding business needs as they relate to a potential change or transformation.

3. Gathering, identifying and documenting business requirements.

4. Explaining technical requirement from client to explain to developing & commercial teams.

5. Simplifying requirements, so they are easily understood across the whole team.

6. Business process modeling and improving business processes.

7. Identifying costs and business savings.

8. Implementing, testing and deploying solutions to generate more lead for business.

9. Supporting business transition and helping to establish change for business lead generation strategies.

10.Creating functional specifications for new systems and processes for business generation.

11. Acting as an advisor to senior managers and executive teams.

12.Have good communication skills to handle the offshore clients.

Note Special Requirement:- Discipline+ Quality +Speed + Commitment (DQSC Indicator)