What is Industry Revolution 6.0?

Our visionary leaders, researchers, scientist forecasting the industry revolution (6.0) era will be start from 2050 in which human intelligence (HI) artificial intelligence (AI) and renewable cloud energy and Drone 3- D printing will cable to operate the manufacturing and operation on most planet (like, moon, sun …etc.) by centralize cloud integration of human intelligence, artificial intelligence and Drone 3-D printing with assistant of satellite and industry robot. In this revolution we will capable to human less manufacturing industry in the sky with control the motion of Automatic Robotic Industry (ARI) by quantum radar control like aeroplane today buy integration the renewable energy like, quantum electricity, solar energy, cloud electricity, planet thermal energy etc.

As science, human intelligence (HI), artificial intelligence (AI), renewable cloud energy sources, Satellite design & quality improves and factory robots assume more human-like capabilities, the interaction between renewable cloud energy, satellite, computers, robots and human intelligence will ultimately become more meaningful and mutually enlightening the sustainable universe. We will reduce the resource load only one planet, we will capable to utilize the resource of all planet, which was, discovered by us and our human intelligence (HI) continuously discover more planet and resources to exploit the latent resources of universe for the excellence life of human and nature.

Industrial Revolution (6.0) second phase will be (start from 2070) our visionary leaders are planning to shift the centroid of planets to democratic use. In this era our science and technology will be capable to monitoring & control the planets motion and directions. This will be amazing era in which people easily access the mostly planets of universe. We know this will be toughest and competitive era for engineers and scientist but definitely will not be impossible us.

Our visionary leaders, research and scientist team consistently and patiently publish research papers and under process to make a team of industry revolution (6.0) for universe.