100,000 IPR

Zumosun Soft  group

Pledge for Intellectual Revolution [2020-2050]

Every Person is warmly welcomed, Who has an original vision & aim of life to do something

Never feel fear of defeat,  we are always with you in every right thing or path 

Universal Law:- Nothing is absolutely Free, Everything wants payment

We boost your courage, enthusiasm, patience, consistency so you shall sure win 

Zumosun Soft  group will be promote one lakh, IPR including patent, trademark, copyright, design, GI in the period of  2020 to 2050 to achieve  intellectual revolution in worldwide.

We want to provide every type of facility, support, mentorship to the real talent of this universe from everywhere,  without any discrimination, but with the right code of conducts and rules of humanity. Anyone from everywhere for everything wants to start idea into a successful business, can contact with us. Success needs extraordinary appropriate time, patience, zeal, enthusiasm, smart & hard work, sacrification, and consistency etc. If anyone has the above tools in life, then Zumosun soft Group is an absolutely right platform for a long partner to achieve your aim, vison, mission.

 We welcome passionate & professional visionary people in our family. 

We Work on the Doctrine of " Win-Win as a Priority Efforts & Inputs ". Ability and capacity are absolutely awarded. Laziness is not acceptable in any form or at any level. If any type of laziness will be found in your commitment & work after training and discussion, then there is no sympathy for you at any level. 

First, you will send your original &  real purpose with us. As we mentioned above "without pain nothing is gain', if you are ready for this doctrine, then you can contact us through email only.

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