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Zumosun Soft is doing strong and computational analytics on (PISA)® technology research, (PISA)® technology Innovation. You can grow your business with utilization the service of Zumosun soft with Automation and Artificial Intelligence with inventor of (PISA)® Technology authentic professional’s team. Professional & Industrial Automation Service (PISA)® is software and framework designed by Zumosun to assist industry automations, professionals, such as Chartered accountant (CA), Company secretary (CS), lawyers, auditors, and IT infrastructures, industrial automation infrastructure, with project management and resource management> for client projects and utilization rate management for billable staff. This is accomplished by developing metrics to quantify and qualify basic business processes that can then be used to streamline and improve those business processes and business cycle.

Best benefit of Professional & Industrial Software Automation (PISA)? Technology

Typical PISA functions include business management, production management, project management and documentation, time recording, billing, reporting, and labor utilisation. These features are often integrated with Zumosun cloud for accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and payroll systems in order to improve efficiency of overall operations. As a result, in addition to better managing client projects, independent contractors can prevent lost revenue and slow billing cycles.

Ultimately PISA software suites allow users to integrate industry-business appropriate metrics in order to better understand productions, operations and, in turn, improve efficiency, quality and profitability. As businesses grow, the size and complexity of their production, management and projects tend to increase as well. PISA software is used to provide visibility into mid-project profitability. This technology is base on industry revolution (4.0), (5.0) and absolutely on the concept of industrial revolution (6.0) by Zumosun visionary leadership and management.

Impact of PISA Software &Technology on the industry revolution and business growth

PISA software & technology is designed to improve the performance and profitability of industrial production & professional services firms and companies. The key points of significant improvement in key performance indicators such as:

1. Faster staffing and invoicing workflows

2. Lower project cancellation rates

3. Improved on-time, under-budget project delivery rates

4. Lower revenue leakage

5. Higher resource utilization rates

6. Improved project margins

7. Improve the production cycle

8. Improve the business cycle

Detail Description of Professional & Industrial Services Automation (PISA)? Technology

What is Professional & Industrial Services Automation (PISA) Software?

PISA applications help industrialist and professional services providers manage product, business cycle, client engagements throughout the project lifecycle. A production and project starts when a sales opportunity is created, the deal is closed, and resources are allocated to deliver the work. The cycle nears completion when invoices are issued and cash is collected.

PISA software establishes a consistent process for planning, managing, and measuring the performance of each project throughout its lifecycle. By centralizing business production, processes and data, services can be delivered more predictably, and repetitive manual processes streamlined or automated cloud infrastructure.

Common PISA capabilities include the following:

1. Industry automation

2. Production

3. Business management

4. Billing, Invoicing

5. Calendar Management

6. Client Access (e.g., through a Client Portal)

7. Team Collaboration

8. Document Management

9. Project Management

10. Proposal Generation

11. Resource Management

12. Software Integrations (e.g., to a CRM, SEO automation)

13. Time and Expense Tracking

14.Compliance management

15. Accounting

Who Benefits from Professional & Industrial Services Automation (PISA) Software?

Organizations delivering production & billable work stand to benefit the most from PISA software & Technology. By centralizing project delivery data, PISA solutions can provide visibility into performance metrics such as revenue, cost, utilisation, and profit margins, business cycle. Because the big amount of money involved in professional service delivery grow with headcount, the financial benefits of a well-implemented PISA solution scale with company size and growth.

PISA software & Technology was originally developed by Zumosun for the industrial & professional services sector, which includes, industry, manufacturing company, consultants, lawyers, professional service teams, and others. The software & Technology is now earning wide adoption across several project-based industries, including these:

1. Information Technology (IT), especially IT services departments and firms

2. Marketing and Communications, by both client-facing agencies and internal departments

3.Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

4.Business Consulting

5. Manufacturing industries

What are the Advantages of PISAs?

While the advantages of a specific PISA solution depends on its capabilities (and how they are used), the central benefit of PISA software & Technology is enabling people who are responsible for business performance to manage and measure service delivery at scale. Reporting features enable account and resource managers to identify trends and allocate staff to match demand. Executives can see where the business is performing well and where there are opportunities to improve certain areas.

Effective PISA applications help organizations do five things:

1. Easily Manage Projects (e.g., by reducing spreadsheet time)

2. Optimize Resource Use (e.g., by improving utilization rates)

3. Drive Stronger Margins (e.g., through greater reporting and visibility)

4. Optimise business cycle (e.g., iteration business production and process for excellence)

5. Optimise the production (e.g., Scientifically manage the material, production cycle, plant)

Our PISA technology can also help organisations gain control over their production, project, financial, timeline, and resource data. Organisations often choose to adopt and/or upgrade their PISA technology when they need to increase headcount, when their demand increases, when their range of services needs to grow to meet client needs, when they expand their market geographically, or when projects, deadlines and timelines become more numerous and difficult to manage using manual processes. A great PISA technology keeps top thinkers out of spreadsheets and more engaged with the data at a high-level business approach, to make decisions that drive greater profitability of business.

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