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Zumosun Sales Cloud Engine (ZSCE) is a sales module in Zumosun Company. Our sales cloud engine provides all type of services of sales module like Leads management, Accounts, Contacts, Contracts, Opportunities, Products, Price Books, Quotes, and sales Campaigns for your company (Some constraints apply). It includes features such as Web-to-lead to support online lead capture, with auto-response rules. Our sales cloud engine is designed to be a start-to-end set up for the entire sales cycle of your business; you use this to help generate more revenue for your company.

Zumosun Sales Cloud Engine for your business

Zumosun Sales Cloud Engine integrates all the sales cycle modules to fastest communicate with your customer and revenue generation for your business. 

  1. Sales Force Automation: -Zumosun Sales Cloud Engine is a perfect pipeline building solution as it enables you to utilize all channels at your disposal to stay ahead of your customers and deliver exceptional customer experience at every opportunity. Every individual in your company is involved in making sales, from field reps and operations to team leaders. You will get all the sales infrastructure for your sales automation

  2. Unified Sales and Service: - Zumosun Sales Cloud Engine provide the sales and services integration feature to generate revenue for your business and company

  3. Track and Manage Service Issues: - Zumosun Sales Cloud Engine is a customer relationship management solution that offers capabilities and features enabling companies to significantly grow through accelerated sales, improved customer engagement, and more. The Sales Cloud Engine software empowers your sales representatives to sell more because they are now driven by high value and very actionable insights.

  4. Service Request Analytics: -Your sales representatives are equipped with tools and capabilities that enable them to be efficient and productive. Your sales representative can easily change their systems and modify their schedules by checking their calendars for follow-ups. They can access critical customer information prior to an important meeting, helping them sell better and close more deals effectively. All sales intelligence, including contacts, company information, leads, as well as tasks are located in a single platform.

5. Sales Performance Management: - Zumosun Sales Cloud Engine provides them with accurate and updated information, allowing them to make forecasts based on actual data and not work with hunches or “educated” guesses. The reality-based forecasts they create; make it easy for their teams to stay on top of their pipelines and deliver exceptional sale performance

  1. Partner Relationship Management: - Zumosun Sales Cloud Engine provides the excellent automation partners management system to follow the smooth business operation in each vertical & horizontal of your business. 

7. Customer Data Management: - Zumosun Sales Cloud Engine provides the dynamic customer data management facilities for the better decision of sales. Factors that affect forecasts change quickly and without notice. With Oracle Sales Cloud, managers immediately see the impact of these changes on their forecasts and quickly respond with the best actions available to them.

 Zumosun Sales Cloud Engine

Every business has its own characteristics and might need a special CRM Software solution that will be fit for their business size, type of customers and employees and even individual niche they support. Your business should not count on locating ideal software that is going to be suitable for each company regardless of your company history. You can customize your requirement on our Zumosun Cloud Sales Engine for your business and reviews first and even then you should pay attention to what the service is supposed to do for your company and your workers. Do you require an easy and straightforward solution with just basic functions? Will you actually use the complex tools required by experts and big enterprises? Are you any particular features that are especially practical for the industry you operate in? If you facing yourself these questions it will be much easier to get a solid Zumosun Cloud Sales Engine services that will match your budget.

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