What is Professional Services Revolution (1.0)?


Thelegalbank PaaS framework basically idea developed by Zumosun soft invention Pvt. Ltd. company professionals, engineers and scientist with special (PFNF) algorithms and metrics develop to interaction the computing machine with professional services, forecasting, and cloud networking of business consultancy with artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI). Thelegalbank is an integrated designed technology to assist professional revolution (1.0), businessman’s, entrepreneur’s, startups founder’s, professionals, such as lawyers, auditor’s, financer’s, economist’s and IT consultants and many more, as well as assist to provide consultancy in automatic document drafting for remote distance, and professional service cloud control systems with project management and resource management for client projects and utilization rate management for billable staff. This is accomplished by developing cloud metrics of professional services, forecasting and networking (PFNF) to quantify and qualify basic business services processes that can then be used to streamline and improve those processes. Typical Thelegalbank (PFNF) functions include Centralize intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, centralize (IPR) advisory, centralize (IPR) enhance, centralize expert (IPR) board network, centralize digital economy board, programs, centralize document drafting, centralize business forecasting, centralize networking cloud and centralize professional service advisory. Data management through cloud data features, also prediction of marketing strategies, prediction of sales strategies, building the new business strategies including the revenue generation metrics, professional advising through cognitive computing, chatbots consultancy, robotic service advisory board, Thelegalbank (PFNF) service advisory lab, and many more professional services revolution centralize feature.

These features are ingrate with the human intelligence (HI) and artificial intelligence (AI) like, computer vision, quantum computing, natural language processing (NPL). These features are often integrated with quantum services. Quantum services are to eliminate the highly skillful resources and talent shortage in form of individual, company and for any organization. Our professional researcher’s, engineers and scientist will develop emerge democratic professional services robot software’s series for robot/chatbot researcher, robot/chatbot scientist, robot doctor, robot CA, chatbot CA, robot lawyer, robot economist, robot financer’s, remote robot maintenance etc. under a centralize server hosting system. By this business ecosystem, we will improve the efficiency of overall services operations, talent shortage; standards document drafting, service cycle management and many mores. As a result, in addition to better managing professional service operations, independent contractors can prevent lost revenue and slow business cycles.

Ultimately Thelegalbak (PFNF) Technology suites allow users to integrate professional services -appropriate quantum cloud metrics of professional’s services, forecasting and cloud networking framework (PFNF) with human intelligence (HI) and artificial intelligence (AI) in order to better understanding of professional services updates world & services operations cycles and, in turn, improve quality, efficiency and profitability. As businesses grow, the size and complexity of their professional services, management cycle tend to increase as well. Thelegalbak (PFNF) technology will use to provide visibility into individual, small, mid and large business profitability. Those familiar with professional services automation may like to think of Thelegalbak (PFNF) technology as a professional services revolution (1.0) system for professional services management cloud.

2. Quantum Professional Service Metrics (QPSM)

Traditional professional services are very hectic, costly and specially time consuming approach. Our professional’s, researcher’s, engineers integrate professional service modeling metrics frameworks in the cloud metrics of professional services, forecasting and cloud networking (PFNF) Thelegalbank technology. OPSM is one of module of our PFNF technology integration in which we have applied the quantum professional service metrics (QPSM) utilize by the ordinary and traditionally matrices like cloud metrics of chartered accounted service, cloud metrics of company secretory, cloud metrics of financial services, cloud metrics of law services, cloud metrics of economist services and many more.. There are some professional services metrics like; annual revenue per billable consultant, annual revenue per employee, billable utilization, project over run, profit margin and many more who provide the basic modeling of business but in our business revolutions we provide the computation business model. Our professional’s, researcher’s and engineer’s are continuing working for a quantum professional services metrics (QPSM).

3. Quantum Cloud Forecasting Metrics (QCFM)

In the computational approach to quantum forecasting of business growth, our professional’s, researcher’s, scientists try to combine quantum cloud forecasting’s metrics (QCFM) which are widely used in business for forecasting the important task of business architecture pattern classification and recognition) with the advantages of quantum business information in order to develop higher order efficient business strategies and planning. In a general forecasting include, turnaround time for forecasts, recurring revenue, sales opportunities & accounting forecasting, forecast accuracy and many more.

One important motivation for these investigations is the difficulty to deep business quantum forecasting networks, especially in big data applications in business. The hope is that features of quantum business forecasting computing such as quantum parallelism, superposition or the effects of interference and entanglement can be used as resources. Since the technological implementation of a quantum business computer neural network is still in a premature stage in our organization, such quantum business network models are mostly theoretical proposals that await their full implementation in physical experiments and commercial utilization.

Quantum cloud forecasting metrics, network research and innovation is still in its infancy, and a conglomeration of proposals and ideas of varying scope and mathematical, quantum mechanics rigor has been put forward. Most of them are based on the idea of replacing classical forecasting results into quantum cloud forecasting metrics networks.

4. Quantum Cloud Networking Metrics (QCNM)

In the computational approach to quantum cloud networking metrics our professional’s, researcher’s, scientist’s try to develop combine quantum cloud network metrics (QCNM) which are widely used in networking for the expand of business connections and links of customer’s pattern classification and recognition) with the advantages of quantum business information in order to develop higher order efficient business networks. Our professional’s, researcher’s and engineer’s are continuing working for a quantum cloud network metrics (QCNM).

4.2 Professional Quantum Neural Networks (PQNN)

Our professionl’s quantum neural network researchers explicitly limit their scope to a computational perspective; the field is closely connected to investigations of potential quantum effects in professional business research automatic integration neural networks (BRAINN). Models of cognitive agents and memory based on quantum collectives integration have been proposed by Prakash Chand Sharma, but he also points to specific problems of limits on observation and control of these memories due to fundamental logical reasons. He has also proposed that a quantum professional language (QPL) must be associated with professional integration quantum cloud neural networks (PIQCNN). The combination of quantum physics, quantum mechanics, quantum professionals strategies and neuroscience also nourishes a vivid debate beyond the borders of science, an illustrative example being journals such as Business Quantology or the healing method of Quantum Businesslogy. However, also in the scientific sphere theories of how the brain might harvest the behavior of business strategies on a quantum level are futuristic debated? Our researcher are working consistently on this principles to integration professional forecasting cloud networking framework (PFNF) technology as professional revolution (1.0) to develop ecosystem of professional documents drafting and services to run professionalism environment in universe. This is a visionary part of our organization to become an assistant of nature and build a sustainable environment for our next generations.

5. Conclusion

Quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is going on .We are designing and inventing Thelegalbank (PFNF) PaaS Technology for emerge professional services revolution (1.0) with combination of machine reconcile (AI) and human intelligence (HI) work together for sustainable smart professional business environment. Our professional business technology revolution definitely solves the deep computation professional business ecosystems problems when it comes in of commercial utilization. 6. Acknowledge

This technology concept & idea based upon work done by Zumosun Soft Invention Pvt. Ltd. Engineers and Scientist. CIN number of company is U74999RJ2018PTC, located C-4/193, Chitrakoot Scheme, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India) -302021.


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