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Business as a Technology (BaaT)
Prakash Chand Sharma, Devendra Choudhary,
Business Model, Architecture, Framework, CMAF, Standards, Quantum business language, Quantum Businesslogy, Business Quantology ,

Business as a Technology (BaaT) technology basically idea developed by Zumosun soft invention Pvt. Ltd. company engineers and scientist with special (CMAF) algorithms develop to interaction the machine with business strategies, business planning, business consultancy with artificial intelligence (AI). (BaaT) is an integrated designed technology to assist business revolution (1.0), businessman’s, entrepreneur’s, professionals, such as lawyers, auditors, financers, economist and IT consultants, as well as assist to provide consultancy in automatic operation and manufacturing control systems with project management and resource management for client projects and utilization rate management for billable staff. This is accomplished by developing cloud metrics of model, world & services operations cycles and, in turn, improve quality, efficiency and profitability. As businesses grow, the size and complexity of their business management cycle tend to increase as well. BaaT technology will use to provide visibility into mid and large business profitability. Those familiar with business automation may like to think of BaaT technology as a business revolution (1.0) system for manufacturing & service organizations.

Jan 5, 2019