Research Scientist Job

Research scientists are responsible for designing, undertaking and analysing information from controlled laboratory-based investigations, experiments and trials Research scientists work in almost every area of science imaginable. They plan and carry out experiments and investigations in a range of areas, including Computer science, technologies, geoscience, medical research, meteorology and pharmacology, agricultural. These are broad research areas; a research scientist will most likely be working on a much more specialist topic, such as gravitational waves or stem cell biology.


Research scientist's work is almost entirely laboratory-based, with responsibilities that include:

• Planning and conducting experiments

• Recording and analysing data

carrying out fieldwork, eg collecting samples • Presenting results to senior/other research staff

• Writing research papers, reports, reviews and summaries

• Demonstrating procedures

• Preparing research proposals and funding applications/bids

• Supervising junior staff including technicians

• Organising product/materials testing

• Ensuring that quality standards are met

• Liaising with research and/or production staff

• Developing original solutions to problems

• Keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments

Key skills for research scientists

Note Special Requirement:- Discipline+ Quality +Speed +Commitment (DQSC Indicator)

• Patience

• Determination

• Scientific and numerical skills

• Flexibility

• Decisiveness

• A logical and independent mind

• Meticulous attention to detail and accuracy

• Excellent analytical skills

• Teamwork skills

• Interpersonal skills

• Written and oral communication skills