Researcher Job Summary

We are seeking a qualified, self-sufficient, and thorough researcher for immediate hire. Using extensive research methodologies, you will perform detailed research in your assigned field, analyze the gathered data, and present your findings. This researcher plays a vital role in sourcing and extracting valuable market information to benefit our organization. Researcher Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Coordinate with business management to determine research objectives

• Work in accordance to project brief and deliver frequent project updates

• Develop and direct given research assignments

• Create a plan of action and set project goals and manage them to completion

• Conduct detailed research of intended subject matter according to business needs

• Formulate effective and efficient research processes

• Identify market trends and patterns

• Design surveys, questionnaires, polls etc. specific to research requirements

• Test research methodologies to confirm intended purpose of evaluation

• Perform fieldwork, interviews, experiments, concept-test, etc. to gather data

• Utilize various professional sources to find and extract pertinent information

• Perform evaluative analysis of selected resources and current market data

• Organize and maintain research databases

• Frequently self-audit work and check data for errors and inconsistencies

• Compile and organize findings in graphs, charts, mock-ups, and diagrams

• Document, report, and present research findings to management and clients

Researcher Requirements and Qualifications

Note Special Requirement:- Discipline+ Quality +Speed +Commitment (DQSC Indicator)

• Bachelor’s degree in research, economics or related field required, Master’s preferred

• Extensive and proven experience in field of research

• Knowledgeable in various research and testing methodologies

• Experience using statistical analysis software

• Proficient using Microsoft Suite

• In-depth knowledge of our specific field

• Strong math and statistical skills

• Performs objective and ethical research at all times

• Well-versed in database management

• Effective communicator both orally and written