Planet Orbit Shift Theory (Post) Universe Revolution R (1.0) ERA 2070-2170


Planet orbit shift theory (POST) is not our organization’s quantum project but this is open source research and innovation project for all researcher’s, scientist’s, technology entrepreneur’s to become take part in this universal revolution for infinite sustainable quality nature. Our organization visionary leaders engineer’s, scientists are planning to consistently and patiently on this quantum idea blue print and prototype to shift the centroid of planets to democratic use. In this era our science and technology will be capable to monitoring & control the planets motion and directions. This will be amazing era in which people easily access the mostly planets of universe. We know this will be toughest and competitive era for engineers and scientist community but definitely will not be impossible us. Accomplished by developing quantum gravity metrics neural networks (QOGMatNet) to quantify and qualify basic gravity shifting processes that can then be used to streamline and improve those processes. Typical POST functions include research of substance, systems or element which absorb the fundamental gravity and other forces, research and innovate the media to transfer this gravity packets of forces from one planet to another planets. There are money theory available for orbit shift, like string theory, loop theory.

2. Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity

In our POST theory we integrate the quantum computing and the photons absorb principle. At present, one of the deepest problems in theoretical physics is harmonizing the theory of general relativity, which describes gravitation, and applications to large-scale structures (stars, planets, galaxies), with quantum mechanics, which describes the other three fundamental forcesacting on the atomic scale. This problem must be put in the proper context, however. In particular, contrary to the popular claim that quantum mechanics and general relativity are fundamentally incompatible, one can demonstrate that the structure of general relativity essentially follows inevitably from the quantum mechanics of interacting theoretical spin-2 massless particles (called gravitons).

No concrete proof of gravitons exists, but quantized theories of matter may necessitate their existence. The observation that all fundamental forces except gravity have one or more known messenger particles leads researchers to believe that at least one must exist. This hypothetical particle is known as the graviton. The predicted find would result in the classification of the graviton as a force particle similar to the photon of the electromagnetic interaction. Many of the accepted notions of a unified theory of physics since the 1970s assume to some degree depend upon, the existence of the graviton. These include string theory, superstring theory, and M-theory. Detection of gravitons would validate these various lines of research to unify quantum mechanics and relativity theory.

3. Non-renormalizability of gravity

General relativity, like electromagnetism, is a classical field theory. One might expect that, as with electromagnetism, the gravitational force should also have a corresponding quantum field theory. However, gravity is perturbatively, nonrenormalizable. For a quantum field theory to be well defined according to this understanding of the subject, it must be asymptotically free or asymptotically safe. The theory must be characterized by a choice of finitely many parameters, which could, in principle, be set by experiment. For example, in quantum electrodynamics these parameters are the charge and mass of the electron, as measured at a particular energy scale.

On the other hand, in quantizing gravity there are, in perturbation theory, infinitely many independent parameters (counter term coefficients) needed to define the theory. For a given choice of those parameters, one could make sense of the theory, but since it is impossible to conduct infinite experiments to fix the values of every parameter, it has been argued that one does not, in perturbation theory, have a meaningful physical theory. At low energies, the logic of the renormalization group tells us that, despite the unknown choices of these infinitely many parameters, quantum gravity will reduce to the usual Einstein theory of general relativity. On the other hand, if we could probe very high energies where quantum effects take over, then every one of the infinitely many unknown parameters would begin to matter, and we could make no predictions at all.

It is conceivable that, in the correct theory of quantum gravity, the infinitely many unknown parameters will reduce to a finite number that can then be measured. One possibility is that normal perturbation theory is not a reliable guide to the renormalizability of the theory, and that there really is a UV fixed point for gravity. Since this is a question of non-perturbative quantum field theory, it is difficult to find a reliable answer, but some people still pursue this option. Another possibility is that there are new, undiscovered symmetry principles that constrain the parameters and reduce them to a finite set. This is the route taken by string theory, where all of the excitations of the string essentially manifest themselves as new symmetries.

4. Quantum Orbit Gravity Matrix Neural Network (QOGMatNet)

Top learning algorithms follow the classical model of training on quantum physics and an artificial neural network to learn the input-output function of a given training set and use classical feedback loops to update parameters of the quantum physics system until they converge to an optimal configuration. Adiabatic models of quantum computing have also approached learning as a parameter optimization problem. Recently there has been proposed a new post-learning strategy to allow the search for improved set of weights based on analogy with quantum effects occurring in nature. The technique, proposed in is based on the analogy of modeling a quantum neuron as a semiconductor heterostructure consisting of one energetic barrier sandwiched between two energetically lower areas. The activation function of the neuron is therefore considered as a particle entering the heterostructure and interacting with the barrier. In this way auxiliary reinforcement to the classical learning process of neural networks is achieved with minimal additional computational costs.


4.1 Quantum Orbit Shift Generalizations of Neural Networks

Our researcher, scientists and visionary leaders are working on analysis of constructing a quantum orbit shift metrics neuron network is to first generalize, quantum physics, classical human intelligence (HI) and artificial intelligence (AI) neurons (by padding of ancillary bits) to reversible permutation gates and then generalizing them further to make unitary gates. Due to the no-cloning theorem in quantum mechanics, the copying of the output before sending it to several neurons in the next layer is non-trivial. This can be replaced with a general quantum unitary acting on the output plus a dummy bit in state |0⟩. That has the classical copying gate (CNOT) as a special case, and in that sense generalizes the classical copying operation. It can be demonstrated that in this scheme, the quantum neural networks can:
(i) compress quantum states onto a minimal number of quantum bits (Qbits), creating a quantum auto-encoder, and
(ii) discover quantum communication protocols such as teleportation.
The general recipe is theoretical and implementation-independent. The quantum neuron module can naturally be implemented photonically.

sustainable environment for our next generations.

5. Conclusion

Quantum physics and artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is going on .We are design and invent the Planet Orbit Shift Theory (POST) for emerge universe revolution (0.1) with combination of machine reconcile (AI) and human intelligence (HI) work together for sustainable universe & nature. Our organization universe revolution technology will come in commercial utilization around 2040.

6. Acknowledge

This technology concept & idea based upon work done by Zumosun Soft Invention Pvt. Ltd. Engineers and Scientist. CIN number of company is U74999RJ2018PTC, located C-4/193, Chitrakoot Scheme, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India) -302021.



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