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The Zumosun Research Cloud Engine (ZRCE) platform has been design for emerging young scientists to promote the next generation innovation as well as for industry revolution (4.0),(5.0), and (6.0) at ZRCE to enable easy use of research infrastructures by the fellow researchers in the scientific community around the globe. This is a platform for all researchers, scientist, inventor, and innovators for a solid community build to solve the complicated universe problems.

Benefits of Zumosun Research Cloud Engine

Research identifies problems of the target segment. It is an executive tool that is used to improve overall outcomes of product, invention or innovation of your company or business. Zumosun Research Cloud Engine is a platform for finds out the more innovative solutions for, marketing, sales, business, product development, classical science, and applied science to contribute the nature sustainability. An example is market pricing. You can save time and money by using our research cloud engine in the following ways

1. Centralize research infrastructure development for your research segments.

2. Global researchers community to a solid discussion

3. Cloud computing infrastructure

4. Data bank to optimize your research results

5. Our best practices for securing your environment to ensure your research data is safe

6. Stay up to date with access to research infrastructure resources we’ve built specifically for researchers.

7. Be part of a research community that helps drive requirements for future cloud services for research.

8.Flexible – Access and match the right IT cloud storage and compute resources to product development.

9. Elastic and Scalable – Scale experiments up or down, paying only for IT services you use from our company.

10. We assist completely on your intellectual property right protection by our Thelegalbank cloud platform.

We provide the complete legal infrastructure for your research program from ours.

Details description of Zumosun Research Cloud Engine (ZRCE)

Our researcher, scientist and engineers are perfectionists—always on the lookout for ways to make the Research Cloud engine optimize for more comprehensive and easier to use. That’s why the Zumosun Research Cloud Engine is so user-friendly that it delivers a search performance results right out of the box for your business. Of course, the Zumosun Research Cloud Engine still regularly searches thousands of data. But now, the story it tells enables 360 business solution to get to the heart of research and innovation performance right away. For themselves and their competitors.

Zumosun Research Cloud Engine is developed for promoting the sustainability research ecosystem

Our company is consistently working for iteration to build solid and sustainable research ecosystems with the collaboration of various universities, colleges, companies, and industries. Our researchers always available to assist you on any type of research with the following features: -

1. Access to All Researchers and Support Staff

Instantly build research infrastructure on-demand and gain IT infrastructure, professional infrastructure without having to plan, purchase, maintain or dispose of your own research infrastructure.

Ideal for testing configurations without the financial commitment.

Accessible within and outside the Zumosun group, or anywhere in the world.

Easy access and rapid deployment of software applications and research community network.

2. Dynamic and Scalable

Flexibility to create and manage your own dynamic and scalable environment of research with the collaboration of various universities and industries experts. Like Shri Rawatpura Sarkar University, Raipur (Chhattisgarh), India

Applications and the service can scale to meet the demand for suitable research applications.

3. Secure and control your valuable research

Control who and where others can collaborate, share and access data

4. Reduced costs and administrative burden

Quantum computing and cloud computing without the overheads cost and procurement of applications and research infrastructure

New and innovative ways of working that can be tested at a minimal cost.

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