Best Automation Company for Home Automation in Jaipur & Rajasthan

Best Automation Company for Home Automation in Jaipur & Rajasthan

Best Automation Company for Home Automation in Jaipur & Rajasthan

Zumosun Automation Solutions offers a complete range of Automated Home Network structured wiring products to the residential building industry. These home networks are designed to support the growing need for technology in the home by integrating entertainment communications safely and automation into a central enclosure.

Our home networks can be the foundation of your home automation system or as a stand alone home network and this home network is used to distribute all your incoming service around the house i.e. TV - both digital and analogue, satellite and cable, telephones and faxes - including fast broadband internet. Your system will be designed to meet your requirements and precise needs and this will leave room for expansion - as the technology boom continues at a later date. Without the correct wiring and home network system in your new home you will not be able to take advantage of the emerging technologies of tomorrow - so talk to us today!

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Home Network Guidance

The following points are a guidance for you to bear in mind when cabling for a whole new home network. Consider the locations where you might require services in the future and network cable accordingly. This is extremely important for items such as CCTV's which are likely to be at different positions and heights to other outlets. This consideration also applies to other networks items such as wall mounted Plasmas and LCD's, also remembering that beside the data cable they also need a power supply.

Structured Wiring or Cabling

Zumosun Home Automation Company Solutions philosophy is to use the cable, specially designed for home networks and which supports the best signal. Cat 5E or Cat 6 for data and communication, a physical foam co-axial for analogue digital or cable TV and high quality 79 strand speaker cable for audio. We also have a solution if the premises have only been pre-cabled in data cabling. Research into the North American home network market, where they have a much longer history of home structure cablings supports our home network philosophy.

Multi Room audio

When considering multi room audio bear in mind that you need in addition to a multi room amplifier, a wall network controller in every room that you require control. The Open House Structured Wire Systems multi room amplifier allows you to control up to six sources of input - i.e. CD, VCR, DVD, tuner etc - to six network zones, or rooms, for each multi room amplifier expandable by 6 or 12 further network zones. All of the source equipment is controlled through the network by wall controllers in each room and/or by remote controllers.

Each and every network zone has complete control or all functions of any item of source equipment fully and independently of any other network zone, whilst simultaneously other rooms networked have complete control of any other source equipment. Alternatively, all the networked rooms can play from one source i.e. in party mode, but even then the sound can be controlled independently. You will need a pair of speakers in each room on the network. We would recommend a pair of ceiling speakers and a wall controller for each zone specified. We also are able to oofer intelligent multi source remote controllers to control all your entertainment equipment from one remore controller.

Scene - Mood Setting

If you are considering scene or mood setting lighting this needs to be considered and planned early as it is not included in the orthodox ring main lighting. Home Automation Solutions would be pleased to quote for scene setting lighting but would need your lighting layout showing light positions wattage and number of circuits.

Custom Install

For a higher level of network home automation than the above, or, if you are considering a central home processor such as Crestron or Lutron HomeWorks you are reaching a much higher level of sophistication and should be considering a custom install. Zumosun Home Automation Company are pleased to offer our expertise in this field and have completed many projects of highly sophisticated levels of home network automation and entertainment.

How can Zumosun Home Automations Company Help?

At Zumosun Home Automation Company  Solutions we realize the vast amount of choice available can be daunting, that is where we excel. For an initial 'ball park' figure complete our online query form and we will then be able to give you a guidance price. Or contact us by phone, fax or by e-mail. Alternatively we offer our packaged solutions at a set price. Whatever way you contact us we will guarantee that you will receive our first class response which we have built our company on.

Are you looking for the Best Automation Company for Home & Office Automation in Jaipur near you ? Contact now at 1800-8899-551 for the best Home Automation.