Happy Engineers Day:-Wish, Message and Significance

Happy Engineers Day:-Wish, Message and Significance

Happy Engineer Day 2020

The anniversary of the birth of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, one of India's greatest engineers, is celebrated annually as Engineer Day. Known as 'Sir MV', he was awarded the Barat Ratna in 1955 for his significant contribution to the development of India's education, education and social infrastructure. M Visvesvaraya was born in 1861 in Chikkaballapur, on the outskirts of Bengaluru. Both of his parents were well-known Sanskrit scholars. M Visvesvaraya did his primary education in his hometown but later moved to Bangaluru to study there. After completing his undergraduate degree in Arts, M Visvesvaraya changed course and took a degree in civil engineering from the College of Engineering in Pune.

Significance of engineers and role in society:-

Engineers don't sit back and watch - they make things happen. Using creativity, ingenuity and wealth of knowledge, engineering degrees affect the world unlike any other.

The world is changing, and engineers are behind the scenes. Many of the services and products of today have had some engineering implications involved in their conception at least, paving the way for longer, more satisfying and healthier lives for people affected by them.

Engineers need to be critical but creative; curious but knowing; and is ready to manage the ever-changing world.

The variety of fields that fall under the title of engineering means that no matter how much you are interested in a prospective student, there will always be one aspect of the field that they will find attractive and attractive. Whether civil, electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering, if you love to immerse, create, design or build, the engineering field has its place.

In the world of advanced technology, we need engineers to bring ideas to reality. Using mathematical and scientific principles, engineers are developing solutions to the world's major technological issues.

You can find yourself doing anything from building new bridges to building electrical sockets in refugee camps; working on special effects of blockbuster movies or exploring aircraft and aerospace products. With so many positions open to engineers in almost every field, graduates are keenly interested in the wide range of career options available to them.

The engineering portfolio knows no bounds, but these people all work for the same purpose: to build a sustainable world. Whatever you wish to contribute to society through your dedication to engineering, there is nothing compared to knowing that you have achieved something that has touched people's lives for the better.


Prakash Chand  Sharma