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Multimodal transport operator means any person who engaged in the business of carriage of goods and using at least two different modes of transport under a Multimodal transport contract, from the place of acceptance of the goods in India to a place of delivery of the goods outside India or Within India; registered under the Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act, 1993

Eligibility for MTO Registration

1. The candidate ought to be a company, firm or exclusive concern.

2. a)Turnover of Rs.50 Lakh or more for company, firm or proprietary 

b) Share Capital or aggregate balance in capital account should be Rs. 50 Lakh or more for       other than company, firm or proprietary

3. Two agents or offices or representative from two different foreign countries.


Certificate granted under sub-section (3) of Act 1993 shall be valid for a period of three years and may be renewed from time to time for a further period of three years at a time

Documents Required for Registration (

  1. Copies of agency agreements, reflecting multi-modal operations of the applicant with two agents (from two different foreign countries) AND confirmation of the validity of these agreements from the same foreign agents through e-Mail

  2. Certificate from C.A. showing Annual Turnover of the applicant for the preceding three financial years OR subscribed &paid-up share capital / aggregate balance in the capital account.

  3.  Income Tax Returns (front page) for the preceding three financial years.

  4.  Complete audited accounts of the applicant, including auditor’s report, all schedules and notes to the accounts for the preceding financial year.

  5. A Certificate of Incorporation with a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, if the applicant is a company OR registration under Partnership Act OR registered deed of proprietorship AND documentary proof reflecting the registered office address of the applicant / presence in India.

  6. Name/s of all the Directors / Partners / Proprietor of the applicant with their contact details in India.

  7. List of offices, with key staff who will be authorized signatories to sign the Multimodal Transport Documents (MTDs) with their names, designation and specimen signature on the letterhead of applicant AND proof of their employment, viz. PF returns OR the Tax Deducted at source on salaries.

  8. An undertaking on the applicant’s letter head with signature of responsible person, for to issue MTD for taking charge of goods for exports from India [AS ATTACHED].

  9. Details about experience in freight forwarding/shipping (any published documents).

  10.  Experience in Freight forwarding/Shipping(any published documents)

  11.  The Business facility available.

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